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flv; ​‎​My thoughts on the Phillies season. Blackberry I realize that most fans of the Phillies are, in fact, fans of the Philadelphia sports teams in general and the Philadelphia Eagles in particular. I haven’t yet heard of any fans of the Philadelphia 76ers. I can only assume that there are many of them. If there are any, I hope they can tell me how the Sixers do their thing from time to time. I’m only a bit more knowledgeable about the Eagles than the Sixers so I can only hope that the Sixers fans are marginally better informed about the Eagles than I am about the Sixers. I’ll leave it at that for now and return to the blackberry thing. The blackberry is gone, I’m sad that it’s gone. I’m not gonna talk about baseball anymore today. I’m going to talk about the fruit which you can get from the blackberry. There’s a store near the Players’ Union which sells these blackberries. I hate blackberries. You have to give me a food that you can eat in large quantities, but if I want it to get filled up with large quantities of it, I have to make it myself. I can’t make them because I’m a bird. There are certain meals which I can’t make myself. I can make many things, but certain things. This is why I can’t be a chef. I can’t make beef or pork or lamb or chicken. I can make the rest of the food, but I can’t make the meat. I can’t put those together to make the meal that I want. I can make fruit. I can make apples and oranges and grapefruit and pears and bananas and plums and persimmons and melons and figs and things like that. I can make all kinds of fruit. I can make them out of the season. I can make them out of the season so they’re not a bit sour, I can make them out of the season so that they’re not tart. I can make them out of the season so that they’re not too sweet. I can make them out of the season so that they’re not too sweet. I can make them all out of the season, but not all out of the season.



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Honestech Tvr 2 5 Zip

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